3 Replies to “Take heart, translators… we still have a job to do!”

  1. Hi there,

    I work for a large UK translations company.

    There are a few points to make regarding automated translation systems such as those found online.

    Software can be used for translation projects, but I would advise against it if what you’re translating is intended ultimately for publication.

    There are often so many cultural nuances to take into consideration that cutting corners by using translation software can render your message practically impossible to understand for your target audience.

    And beyond popular European languages like Spanish (that being 2nd only to English and 4th overall in the world), you run the risk of dramatic misinterpretation.

    Often the only way to go is to utilise the services of a professional translator.

    Good blog.

  2. Just a small correction. Spanish isn’t a “popular European language” is way more “American” and specifically, from México to Chile. The Spanish from Spain is our mother tongue, but we aren’t like them at all, not in accent and pronunciation, not in idioms 😀

    Thank God we have a wide range of Spanish variations.

    Regards 😀

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