Roma per Obama


Let’s hope that the Obama message of “CHANGE” spreads into Italian politics!

Berlucsconi, aged 72, is the oldest head of state in the G7.  A quarter of the ruling coalition of Forza Italia, Alleanza Nazionale and Lega Nord are over 60.  Add to this the extraordinary influence of its octagenarian (nearly nonagenarian) life senators – Cossiga and Andreotti -, the fact that 42% of its university teachers are aged over 50, while the average age of people running a company is 61, and it’s clear that the elderly dominate all aspects of society leaving little space for the young.

Anyone who watches Italian television knows all too well how the faces rarely change – well, except for the fact that they get older!  Pippo Baudo (72), Emilio Fede (77), Bruno Vespa (64) and Piero Angela (80) are just few of the household names who have dominated Italy’s (still actively partisan) small screen for 20 years or more.

When will Italy find it’s own Obama?

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