Would Orwell have been a blogger?

Of course he would!  The appeal of an instant platform combined with 24-hour access to information and to his readers would have been as irresistible to him as it is to today’s bloggers.   Of course, staying on Jura might have been a problem with no broadband access.  However, the situation has improved since last summer when the Scottish Government announced its Broadband Reach project.  Thanks to massive investment most households, even in Scotland’s remotest areas, will be offered satellite connection by the end of this year.

But to get back to the question, have a look at the Orwell Prize which celebrates Orwell’s stated ambition to “make political writing into an art”.  This year the Prize, which is awarded for journalism and to a published work, has introduced a new category: blogs.    Here is the longlist of entrants announced today.

Don’t click unless you’ve got at least an hour to spare: I guarantee you’ll get hooked!

Leaving aside the well-known political journalists (Nick Robinson, Melanie Phillips, Justin Webb), there’s plenty of eclectic political journalism, in the widest possible sense.  One of my favourites is Angles in Marble – and its twin site The Life and Times of Monculi di Sopra (the geographical location is suspect to say the least – more research required?!) Anyway, these and others are definitely going on the weekly catch-up list for blog reading.

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