Well done, Sarah!

Sarah Brown – Gordon’s more formidable other half – is blogging from Italy while she and her husband attend the G8 summit in L’Aquila.

You can follow her blog here.

The photos above show the wives (unless any husbands are there too? Mr Merkel aka Joachim Sauer?) visiting the Quirinale – in the Salone dei Corrazzieri built in the early 17th century by Carlo Maderno and decorated by a team led by Agostino Tassi.

She’s also twittering – the question is does she have some switched-on staff or is she doing this herself?  Also, how many other G8 wives are blogging? Anyone know if Michelle blogs?

One recent Tweet from Sarah that intrigued me – mainly because I knew Villa Wolkonsky and its grounds well in the 1980s – was that bee hives have been installed and the honey is going to be collected soon!

I have 5 minutes break at the British Embassy in Rome: much excitement here about the Embassy bee hives and their imminent harvest of honey.

I presume she’s referring to the residence at Villa Wolkonsky not the main Embassy at Porta Pia whose grounds are not that big?  Anyhow, good for them – there are obviously a few busy bees among the staff!

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