Camfed and Christmas fundraising success

Our cold and snowy Christmas was an ideal moment to donate to this fantastic charity – just thinking of the warmth of Tanzania and looking at the beaming smiles of these girls was enough to raise the temperature several degrees.
I was so pleased to receive an email this afternoon from the Camfed Team to say that they had achieved their goal of raising money to support a small group of girls finish their education. Here is what they wrote:

Dear Friend,
Thank you so much for your donation to help girls in Kilolo, Tanzania. With your help and that of 16 others, we raised our goal of £5,160 in 24 days! The money you raised is going to help 27 girls including Upendo, pictured here, complete their Advanced Level high school educations.
Upendo’s father used to raise cattle to support the family of eight children, but when all of his cows died suddenly, finances became very tight. And when Upendo’s mother got sick, there was no money left for her high school fees.
But with the support you’re providing to Upendo and her classmates, she’s able to continue her education. “When I learned I was on Camfed’s supported girls’ list, I was so thankful,” she says. “With this additional assistance, I believe I have ability to do well in my Advanced Levels at school.”
Thank you so much for your support.

Messages like these are really important and I believe that targeted giving, like this,  is such a very effective way of giving.  I’m not blowing any trumpets here, believe me!  My contribution was shamefully small, but I suppose it may have helped cover a fraction of school time.  Camfed’s motto is Give the Gift the Education and the video below shows how this works in practice with the help of extraordinary women like Grace.

Camfed’s website has details about other ongoing appeals for particular cases – do help if you can.

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