Historical Novels Review – August issue now out

The August issue arrived today and is full of interesting articles (on the Orion Publishing Company and the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, to take two at opposite ends of the spectrum), market news for historical fiction, and the “new voices” column. With apologies for self-promotion, it also includes my piece on the Walter Scott Prize which I’ve included in full here for anyone who’s interested.

The review also includes 54 pages of book reviews, making it the largest resource for historical fiction worldwide.

3 Replies to “Historical Novels Review – August issue now out”

  1. I enjoyed your piece on the Scott Prize, Lucy! My copy of HNR arrived today too. The only shortlisted titles which I’ve read (thus far) are the Dunant and Mantel, and if the others are equally accomplished, I’ll have some good reading in store. Did you attend the awards ceremony in person? I wish I could have been there.

    1. Hi Sarah, yes I was there in person which was great. Abbotsford is not that far from Edinburgh and so I drove down for the ceremony and then enjoyed visiting the house and gardens afterwards. It’s such a beautiful place. Do read Simon Mawer’s book, and Hodd is interesting too (an alternative take on Robin Hood). I have to say I haven’t read Lustrum, The Quickening Maze or Stone’s Fall – but they’re on the (ever-growing) list!!

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