Jessie’s Ginger Cake

You can read this post here on the Corrarie Cottage website blog.

It is a tribute to a wonderfully kind woman,  Jessie Livingstone, who was cook and housekeeper at nearby Carse House where my grandparents lived for about 50 years.

Jessie was born in 1909, probably somewhere north of Oban (I’m not entirely sure where), but she came south as a young woman to work in service in Renfrewshire with the Coats family.  Carse was bought by my grandparents in the 1930s and when they retired there, in the mid 1940s, Jessie came too.  As far as I know she was not married while living in Renfrewshire, and it was not until she moved to Argyll that she married Jock Livingstone, probably in the late 1940s or early 50s.  By then she was getting on in age and sadly Jessie and Jock never had any children.

Jock was one of two shepherds at Carse. He was responsible for the Carse hirsel (or flock) and would often work at the sheep fank behind High Carse, the house where Jessie and Jock lived. While Jock cared for the sheep, Jessie came to cook every day at Carse. […]

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