The Last Ever Solander

Sadly, this is the last Solander – the bi-annual magazine published by the Historical Novel Society.  It’s had a great publishing life: from Spring 1997 to November 2011, 15 years and a total of 30 issues.  It’s also had an excellent series of highly committed editors: Richard Lee (who founded the HNS), Sarah Cuthbertson, James Hawking, Claire Morris and Sarah Kelly.  However, over the past year or so it was slowly becoming clear that the rationale for having two magazines – Solander, and its sister publication The Historical Novels Review – was being undermined by a growing degree of overlap.   With effect from February 2012, the two will therefore be merged under the title of the better-known half, The Historical Novels Review.

I was delighted to end with a first-class selection of author profiles:  Christopher Gortner, Annabel Lyon and Sara Sheridan.  All three are highly professional writers and excellent representatives of this exciting new generation of historical novelists: committed to research and historical accuracy, yet knowing the importance of narrative, compelling characterisation and voice.

I’ve included my profile of Annabel Lyon’s extraordinary book The Golden Mean here.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the HNS, please go to the website.  Moreover, plans for the 2012 Conference in London are now well underway: the dates are 29-30 September, 2012, at the University of Westminster on Regent Street in central London.

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