Scotland’s Tapestry: Launch 2 September

What a treat to join hundreds of other stitchers today. We gathered at the Scottish Parliament to view the tapestry in all its splendour: 164 panels, 300 miles of wools, 60,000 hours of sewing, not to mention the extraordinary input from Andrew Crummy, the designer, and Dorie Wilkie, who has organised and overseen the stitching with such enthusiasm and skill.

It’s hard to take it all in. The panels have been backed and hung on velcro, so they can be displayed in rows. However, the effect is overwhelming: the choice of events, people and places is incredibly varied, ranging from Scotland’s ancient wildlife to the Hillman Imp (built in Linwood, Paisley) and the Scottish comedians.  The detail is superb, and the quality of the stitching is inspirational – there are some seriously gifted sewers out there.

To round off our visit, here are a few photos of the group – wonderful sewers and great company!  There were nine of us, so we’re not all of us here – missing Sorrel and Yoshiko!

The Tapestry will be on show at the Parliament in Edinburgh until 21 September, and then will go on tour and be used for educational purposes.

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